Lite-Steer - Power Assisted Steering for VWT2Campervans



Dubtricks are proud and excited to become the authorised Litesteer fitting centre for Yorkshire

A revolutionary peice of engineering which genuinely improves your VW driving experience. .

What is Lite-Steer?

"litesteer" is a retro fit EPAS (Electronic Power Assisted Steering) system. It can be fitted to any vehicle that requires steering assistance and is ideal for the VW T2 Campervan.

What are the benefits?

Most VW owners will be familiary with the feeling ofr vague and heavy steering, and the struggle of turning a large, heavy campervan into a tight parking space. For many years the only option for anyone wanting to improve this issue has been to fit an aftermarket steering rack. This certainly offers some improvement over the original VW steering, but in no way offers a complete solution to the problem.

Thankfully, now, there is another option; the Lite-Steer EPAS system will make your VW T2 as easy to steer as any modern car, and like the power sterring on modern cars, it is speed sensitive, meaning that you can turn the wheel with one finger when parking at low speed, but eaiily maintain a straight line when cruising on a motorway.


Who is it for?

Litesteer systems can be made on request for any vehicles requireing power steering, however they are particularly aimed at VW Campervans, from splitscreens, all types of Baywindow up to and including the modern Brazilian Bays and T25s.


All prices are plus VAT @20% and postage.

Splitscreen - £995

Brazilian Bay - £995

Early Bay - £880

Late Bay - £850

T25 - £695

Fitting costs vary depending on vehicle condition and whether any additional work is required to strengthen the floor (this is particulary the case for Brazilian Bays that have been modified to right hand drive). An average fitting price, provided no additional repair work is required, would be in the region of £200 + VAT.

Watch a video demonstration on YouTube here:

For more information, visit the Lites-Steer website:



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