About Us

Who are Dubtricks?

We are a growing business near  Harrogate, specialising in restoration and renovation of Air Cooled VWs  and other classic and unusual motor vehicles.
With over 16 years of experience in modifying, building and general maintenance of Volkswagens and various other  classic cars, we have an eye for detail, creativity & originality. High quality work is guaranteed at competitive rates.
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DubTricks Team

About the Owner

Jez Dyke is the owner of Dubtricks and manager of a small team of VW Specialists. Jez set up his garage in Dacre in 2006, and has since been restoring, slamming, customising and generally looking after a growing number of Aircooled VW's including water cooled VW's from across North and West Yorkshire and increasingly from further affield (Glasgow, Cumbria, Lancashire, London) as our reputation has grown and word has spread.

Jez has worked on VWs almost all his life, and has run a number of previous businesses over the years related to VWs and also to auto electronics and audio systems.

He developed a passion for VWs at an early age, after his uncle bought a race beetle, and it is a passion that he has continued throught his adult life.The first Vehicle Jez ever (officially) owned was his 1972 Bay Window Camper (Donkey), which he bought when he was just 20.

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